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Philip Mesko, former Cornell College wrestler charged in Jan on robbery and intimate abuse prices for an episode which occurred 2 yrs ago, was sentenced to five decades in-state jail Friday, subsequently removed from the Ithaca, N. Y. courtroom in handcuffs, upsetting several his followers. In late Jan, a Tompkins County jury had charged Mesko about the two fees of minute – stage robbery and sex abuse. On Friday, Decide Cassidy sentenced the previous student-athlete to five decades on both charges, to be supported concurrently. In addition, Mesko must enroll as being a sex-offender and face 13 years of article-release supervision. ” The Ithaca Journal” claimed the intimate abuse conviction may have have a phrase as high as eight years.

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After Mesko, the judge had started initially to keep the courtroom when the defendants attorney requested him to return, stating that his customer was nevertheless from bail and did not need to be recinded immediately. Distress was stated by numerous persons while in the courtroom as reps greeted he to be handcuffed by Mesko and consider him into custody, with their disapproval being shouted by a few, based on ” The Ithaca Voice”. The judge bought judge back to period, expressing he had revoked Meskos help, and ordering the convicted ex-student athlete be used for the Tompkins County Imprisonment, where he’ll keep before being joined in to the New York State penitentiary technique to provide his sentence. He was not cuffed in the courtroom. Mesko was found not innocent of breaking through the early-morning hours of March 30, 2013 into an off – residence. He was accused while she was sleeping of raping a female. After fending off the strike, the victims girlfriend was able to have a photograph of the assailant, by going to Cornells wrestling website subsequently revealed him. Their defense has maintained that there inserted a drunken Mesko the room to find a spot to sleep, and fought that no innate proof could be unearthed that associated Mesko into a sexual transgression.

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Forensic scientists claimed in judge that second degrees of DNA that was male was on underwear and the prey’s bra, but not at significant enough quantities to ascertain whether it belonged to Mesko. Minimal motion had been observed by a native of Pa, Mesko as a Large wrestler in tournaments, wrestling at 184 lbs, accordingto his resource. He pled not not innocent towards the fees and was indicted in February 2014. Ahead of the test, the ” Sun ” scholar report described that Mesko declined a request option provided by the justice, which would have decreased the first-degree rape charge to get a first-degree sexual abuse fee.

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