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To allow the homeowners to get the top quality, consumer confidence attire, gates, editors invited Nanjing industry associations along with building resources people, “2013 is frugal of custom closet doors property” for everybody mixed up in organization Weapon. Quality Publicity 1: handmade furniture glue + nails, ecological security, inadequate handmade adhering fence posts to concrete Brazil furniture, a lot of planks for inner use urea-formaldehyde glue used in large formaldehyde content, because product mix glue plus nails, control additionally takes a lot of stuff, the glue huge Aspect chemical, so handmade furniture weak environmental performance. Quality Exposure 2: Design isn’t skilled, wasting room furniture, manufactured scene concluded is relied on by each portion, the final product quality is terrible or superior depends on the running skills of the individuals, and work perceptions. Individual on-site development workers mere “expertise”, there’s no decks to generate shades process of style that is qualified, as well as chipped out of the product design is straightforward, single color, unfinished. Hardware is not durable, simple to deform a clothing cabinet is durable, consists of steel accessories choices that were little that were numerous different quality tiny connections many times or even twenty times the purchase price difference. Having an equipment that is excellent, attire charges however greater, however the longevity. Several homeowners outside patio teak floor hand-made is chosen by Rogaland gates and closet when the not enough comprehension of hardware extras, as the selection of electronics that was substandard, and the beginning of solution deformation effects, causing regret.

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