Fit your shoes correctly

Fit your shoes correctly

Your feet are what keep you upright and what help you walk in comfort, so make sure you look after them. This means having shoes that actually fit you correctly. tend to come in a range of sizes from six to thirteen, and all men will know what size they roughly are. But is this the correct size and should they look for different sizes in different styles?

Firstly you need to look for signs that suggest your shoes do not fit correctly. If your toes are scrunched up and you can feel the end of your shoe, then you are wearing a shoe that is too small. You should have an easy gap between your foot and the end of your shoe, and be able to fully straighten all five toes.

Fit your shoes correctly

Next see if your shoes gapes at the side or if your foot easily slips in and out of the trainer, boot or shoe. This is a sure sign that the footwear is slightly too large. This can be redeemed if it is the case of half a size or so, by putting in an extra sole inside your shoe. This will raise your foot slightly resulting in filling the shoe more.
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