Top 3 Worst Drive-Thru Food

Try to recall how many hours you spend in your car every day. It probably will be a lot. In average Americans spend 21 hours per week inside their metal boxes on wheels. And nobody is surprised of drive-thru food popularity in this connection. Many people also know that such food is bad for your health. In accordance with the study published in the Lancet journal in Britain those who ate such food two and more times a week gained 10 more pounds in average than those who ate fast food less than once a week. But not all fast food is so unhealthy and it depends on what you prefer. We recommend you to avoid these top 3 drive-thru food:

Worst Drive-thru Breakfast


Big Breakfast containing large biscuit and hotcakes with syrup by McDonald’s. It has over 1,300 calories, 60 g of fat and 50 g of sugar.
This breakfast could be compared with 2 Sausage by McGriddles on containing saturated fat, 6.5 large portions of french fries on sodium, 3.5 Hot Apple Pies on sugar and 3 Double Cheeseburgers on calories. Eggs are the best food for breakfast, but it becomes unhealthy when flanked pancakes, sausage and buttermilk biscuit are added.

Much greater way to start your day is Egg McMuffin with Fruit ‘n Yogurt Parfait by McDonald’s with its 460 calories, 14 g of fat and 24 g of sugar. The key point is to find snacks with low sugar and high protein and fiber.

Worst Drive-thru Burger

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