Work Hard or Healthy Heart?

Working too much can adversely impact your health. It is especially dangerous when it comes heart. The stress from daily work, struggle for success and fear of failure can earn you some really bad heart problems. So here are some risk factors to consider as well as recommendations on how to keep your heart healthy.

Risk factors for your heart

Scientists had evaluated the lifestyles of employees, their overall health and the dynamics of their diseases. It turned out that the 11-hour working day increases the risk of heart attack by 67%! Weight, age, eating habits, sleeping time, level of nervousness, the level of physical activity are the factors affecting the risk of coronary heart disease.

Work Hard or Healthy Heart

What should you do to keep your heart healthy

First and foremost get checked. Get an appointment with the cardiologist to run some tests to asses your heart condition. Think about how to lower the level of stress at work. Consult with your cardiologist about how much of physical activit This route may lead to high levels of anxiety and tension, he writes, but it also leads to excitement and inspiration

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