10 Myths About Men

10 Myths About Men

Myths are everywhere and men face stereotypes every day as well as women. I often hear heart-broken women saying that all men are well, bad, to put it gently, and her friends are nodding in agreement. Generalizations are pertinent to humans but most times stereotypes only do harm. Let’s debunk some myths about men.

#1 Men Are Not Emotional

Have you ever seen a male teen making a scene because of some trifle? Well, child or teen males are always taught to be more restrained when it comes to emotions. In childhood men always hear: “Don’t cry, you’re not a girl.” So with such upbringing, which is supposed to prepare males to their future social roles no wonder why men don’t gladly share their feelings with wives or God forbid their friends. It just seems not too manly.

Some men want to be seen in one and only role – aggressive male, but people are too different for that. Often men are not too happy to be that, feeling that there is more to them than just testosterone.

10 Myths About Men

#2 Men Are Money-Making Machines

Some may wish it was true but men aren’t money-making machines. Some men don’t want to make tons of money at all. Yeah you may say those are silly romantics who don’t know life but money won’t buy you another life. While you are sitting in that stuffy office many amazing things pass you by. So women can expect men to have fortunes behind their backs but times have changed many men are now competing with women for jobs and promotions and success is simply overrated.

#3 Men Do Not Tolerate Criticism

There are men who do not take critical remarks as something to think about they perceive it as an attack on their authority, masculinity and pride. But the criticism should be presented right. Some women tend to nag their men after a long work day about petty things or just because. If you feel the need to talk about something you husband does wrong give him some space when he’s tired. Do not criticize him constantly, any person eventually gets tired of all the nagging and pointless criticism. Criticize only when it’s important but do not get carried away.

#4 Men Are Apathetic

There is such a notion that men only know how to make money and lie on the couch. It pisses off some women and others simply accept it. But neither of these reactions will get you anywhere unless you start doing something. Do not lower expectation for your man just because he works so much and doesn’t have the time or energy to do anything else than lie on the couch. But also do not attack him for not wanting to go walking with you after a 9 or 12- The feedpress dashboard is uncluttered and responsive, making it great https://spying.ninja/ikeymonitor to view on the move

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