Baartman & Siegel Fall/Winter 2012 Men’s Collection

Lately the British style in men’s clothing is the blend of iconic heritage and actual casual street style. London in the latest years can boast some talented designers with the foreign roots that started their creative path in four of the reputable UK fashion schools. Baartmans and Siegel belongs to those fashion labels that managed to stand out on the UK fashion arena and caught the attention of the world media as long as fashion buyers.

The two designers with Dutch and English roots (Wourter Baartmans and Amber Siegel) decided to unite for creating the fashion label while working for Belgian designers Viktor & Rolf.
The newcomer to the fashion world Baartmans and Siegel, which plans to launch its fourth collection, is famous for its plain aesthetic and thoroughness to details. When taking a look at the spring/summer 2013 men’s collection, it becomes obvious that the right fit is a key element in Baartmans and Siegel creations.

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