How to Wear Total Black Outfit

This summer the leading designers like Dolce&Gabbana, DSquared2 and Jean Paul Gaultier made the accent on the classic men’s hue- black and suggest men to wear the total black outfits.

While the majority of you can be puzzled about designers’ choice since it is summer and black is not the best color for the hot weather, you should keep in mind that beauty requires sacrifice and introducing the basic hues like black into your outfit is a sure way for getting the cool summer look.
There is a fine line between the Marilyn Manson extreme look and the elegant sophisticated Sean Connery look. Marilyn Manson like look could be avoided using the simple principles: look for simplicity rather than for embellishments. Opt for the well-tailored pieces with the simple silhouette.

How to combine garments for all black outfit

T-shirt and shorts

The nice new is that oversizing trend is back with its baggy apparel. This means that we will be able to feel comfortable and cool regardless the color of the items we wear.
Nevertheless, clothes with the loose fit will hardly suit every single man. Unfortunately, those men of the bigger size should opt for the clothes with a good fit in order not to look like a barrel. Even if you have an average body structure, you should still avoid clothes that are too big. Remember, coming up with the right level of oversized that would fit your body type is a key while opting for the look in oversized style.
Black items with the crew neck are offered by nearly every single clothing label and will be never out of fashion. The key is to keep it simple. In case you want to vivify your look and add an original twist, you may opt for the t-shirts with graphics performed in black, grey and white.
Combine the tee with the pair of shorts that come up to the knees in order to come up with a flattering silhouette. As for the length of shorts, it is up to you to decide on the proper length that would keep up your personal taste and body structure. Black canvas and denim shorts will work best.
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