Si Chan Fall/Winter 2012 Menswear Collection

Si Chan’s “Hug Me” fall/winter menswear collection is intended for warming you up during the chilly winter days. The UK menswear designer Si Chan managed to bring a lot of humor to his latest 2012-2013 collection. Chan presented the range of men’s coats that create the illusion of hugging the wearer owing to the hand-shaped embellishment.
Chan was inspired by such a tendency as the lack of human contacts and in person communication. His creative designs are intended for helping the person handle the feeling of loneliness. Each item from this fall/winter collection is embellished with “hands” for giving the illusion of being hugged as everybody wouldn’t mind to get some extra love. In order to add the realistic touch and thus puffiness to the “hands”, they were padded.
Chan published on his web-site:

Interaction and communication are the action to express love and depart from loneliness between human beings. ‘Hands’ are a very figurative object to express this abstract idea.”

So, the designer I’m not sure how we’ll pull that off, said sharon v

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