Principles of Layering and Basics on Fabrics

Summer is a nice time for those men, who look for the opportunity to mixing the various textures and materials. The only thing you should know the principles and the system of the proper layering of textiles in a stylish way. Sure, this technique doesn’t only work for the summer period- it could be applied all year round since all the materials could be distinguished two types of fabrics. While some of them will suit the colder winter period, other will be perfect to wear during summer days. It is important to distinguish between the two of them.

Basic principles of layering

The main thing that bother fashionistas is how to layer correctly. In fact, the majority of men cannot layer various items properly, but it could be easily fixed using the simplest rule of going from thin to thick. This means that clothing pieces that you put on first should gradually get thicker and more heavyweight as you move outwards when composing the look.
For instance, during winter men prefer coupling the flannel plaid tartan shirts with the v-neck sweaters, which looks suitably in terms of aesthetics. But it looks wrong and unreasonable from the fashion theory since the thick and heavy character of flannel is usually layered with the cotton jumper with a thinner texture.

In fact, what you should do is switch the two items so that the thinner cotton will get closer to the body, which will allow more breathing to the skin while the external flannel layer is supposed to warm you up. Another way is pairing the flannel shirt with a blazer made from tweed, where flannel will go first. On the market there are plenty of plaid shirts offered in light cotton, what allows easily combining them with the thicker jumpers during chilly winter days. also assist you in removing it

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